Facebook can now connect you with your favourite celebrity

Public figures can now share live video from Zuckerberg’s new app, Facebook Mentions. The app is easy to use for athletes, musicians, actors and other well known people to talk with their fans.

Facebook believes seeing your favourite celebrity live is an “immersive and authentic way to connect”. If you were to miss a celebrity you could watch a broadcast on the celebrity’s page. Users would be able to like, comment and share while watching the video.

Dwayne Johnson opened the app and many more such as tennis player Serena Williams, musician Luke Bryan, footballer Kaka, actress Ashely Tisdale, businesswomen Martha Stewart and musician Michael Buble will all appear on the new app. Users can comment to their favourite celebrity and the celebrity could reply back. A celebrity could blacklist words they don’t want to come up.

Actor Dwayne Johnson on the new feature Facebook Live
Actor Dwayne Johnson on the new feature Facebook Mentions

The app received mixed reviews averaging 3 and a half stars but still seems to be popular. Minor improvements have been requested but the app wouldn’t want to do too much to quickly as it bids to build up users.

Competition comes from Periscope, Meerkat but due to Facebook’s brand they don’t seem to be a problem.

However in some aspects Facebook Mentions differs from the two because Periscope keeps the video for a day whilst Meerkat deletes it straight after.

The app they brought out however was only usable if you were a verified celebrity which confused many potential users. Users can only watch via the Facebook app which annoyed a few people.

It looks as if Facebook has changed the way we connect with celebrities for ever and it can only get better.

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