Is Snapchat’s advertisement system and live feeds a way of the future?

In 2010 when the mobile application was released who would have thought that the app founded by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy would have had the audacity the charge brands $750,000 to advertise for a once a day disappearing advert. Some say the price is justified with Snapchat Stories being viewed 500 million times per day however majority of that number is users viewing their friend’s stories not the adverts.

The update for the app which came out in 2014 was greeted with critical reviews from many users. They just wanted to see their friends not a trailer for the movie ‘Ouija’. That was just the beginning, a discover tool was revealed and soon news was broadcasted with CNN, ESPN, Vice, Sky Sports getting in on the act. Other corporations such as Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan and National Geographic all feature but how many people actually view these discover stories? The numbers aren’t public but surprising to many is that the number is high.

Snapchat is used globally and has received praise for the way the mobile application operates

Apart from their discovery tool, snapchat also introduced their live feeds which are collections of stories from certain places in the world and at certain events. London, Cairo, Bahrain, New York, Paris, Toronto, to just name a few. The 2014 World Cup, music festivals, Lollapalooza and a live stream of Ramadan prayers from Mecca all have featured which gained positive reactions. Users can send their story to snapchat and would wait to see if their story had been accepted to feature on one of the live feeds.

However with success comes competition and the pioneer of social media Facebook has prepared to take Snapchat on with their version of live events. The social network launched their live events just in time for Lollapalooza. Their live feeds features public posts, photos and videos published from the music festival. Many predict that this the first of many live events and the battle for live feed supremacy will go on for a long time.

It looks as if Snapchat’s advertisement system will stay as the market will only grow and so will the popular live feeds with millions vying to get their photo or video onto the story viewed by millions of snapchat users. Despite the negative reaction of some adverts it looks like Snapchat could keep it under control for now.

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