The UK prefer smartphones over laptops and Britons love a selfie

For the first time ever, smartphones have gone ahead of laptops as the preferred device for staying connected online according to Ofcom. As of 2014, smartphones lead with 33% to the laptops 30%. It was a “landmark moment” according to Ofcom. Adults in the UK spend around 2 hours a day on their smartphone using internet on average according to Ofcom.

Also the increase in tablet use could have proved a factor in the decline of laptops with tablets increasing to 10%, over half of homes in the UK have at least one tablet. Despite masses of people talking about the smartwatch, only 5% of the UK use them. However with the increase in 4G use, that number will rise and possibly one day the smartwatch will battle with the smartphone for the top spot for who uses them more. Also adults watch 3 hours of TV on average on the normal television set per day which is down by 11 minutes from the previous year

By the end of 2014, 23.6 million people in the UK were using 4G on their phones and over 50% of those people were using it to shop online. Ofcom also found that people who used 4G did more banking, messaging and watching videos than people without 4G.

By 2017 homes in the UK which have accessible 4G will be 98%, an 8% increase from now which is at 90%. Only 2% of Britain do not have access to mobile internet signal.

British Prime Minister David Cameron poses for a selfie
British Prime Minister David Cameron poses for a selfie

One of the things which is harder to do on a laptop is take a selfie. With the smartphone’s increasingly good cameras it has led to Britons taking 1.2 billion selfies in 2014 with one in ten adults taking a selfie at least once every week. The digital camera has fallen out of favour with customers with now smartphones becoming the main source for taking and storing photos.

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