Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Rogue Nation destroys box office predictions

The Sequel opened to over $55 million dollars over the last weekend after opening on July 31st.The 5th instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise was predicted around $35 to $40 million but smashed that becoming the second largest debut for Cruise, it fell short of the second Mission Impossible film which accumulated around $58 million dollars. The franchise as a whole has gathered $797 million at box offices in the US alone and $2.2 billion globally.

The film will help Paramount move forward as the studio is currently 5th in market share amongst other film studios having made around $362 million this year which is far off Disney’s $1.3 billion in box office this year.

“Tom Cruise was on a marketing mission over the past couple of weeks and was truly a tireless advocate for the movie, showing up virtually everywhere to get the word out, and the results are impressive,” Rentrak analyst Paul Dergarabedian said in a statement.

The cast at the London premiere
The cast at the London premiere

The biggest hit of the summer is Avengers: Age of Ultron grossed $457 million in the US.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the film received 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and was rated 8/10 on IMDb and 75/100 on Metascore.

With the Fantastic Four film recently coming out this summer many believe the superhero franchisee could battle it out with Mission Impossible for the top spot at box office. The Fantastic Four film is predicted to obtain $45 million on its debut weekend.

The success of this Mission Impossible film differs from what others have received this summer with Pixels and Terminator Genisys both disappointing at box office.

The fifth Mission Impossible film showcases Rebecca Ferguson, the Swedish born actress and the 31 year old had the lead female role and received rave reviews. The success of the film does not look like it will halt and it has prompted Cruise to announced the sixth Mission Impossible film, which will start shooting in 2016.

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