Samsung fail again in appeal in Apple court case

Samsung has once again lost another appeal in the court cas between themselves and Apple.

The legal case betweeen the two comapines has gone on for years

Tech giant Samsung has been in a legal fight with rival giant Apple for years with the two accusing each other of copying on another.

Companies such as Facebook, EBay and Google all backed Samsung’s case. They argued that the result focused too much on minor designs.
Samsung lost a previous appeal in May which ruled in Apple’s favour. The ruling stated that Samsung copied parts of Apple’s iPhone designs which had been patented.

This verdict came on the same day as when Samsung released photos of their latest smartphones. The South Korean tech company will hope their new phone will help put this court case behind them and also the disappointment of their sales.

It looks like Samsung will have to take this result on the chin and move on whilst Apple will see this as huge victory. The compensation fee which Samsung will have to pay to their rival is yet to be decided.

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