Our exclusive interview with Yo Founder and CEO; Or Arbel

Or Arbel is the Co-founder and CEO of Yo, a simplistic innovative 1-bit communication platform.

Prior to creating Yo with his Co-founder, Moshe Hogeg, Or co-founded and acted as CTO at a social trading startup called Stox.com. Before that he lead the iOS team for 2 years at Mobli, a photo-sharing social network founded by his now partner, Moshe Hogeg.

Yo Founder and CEO, Or Arbel
Yo Founder and CEO, Or Arbel

Or has a Computer Science degree from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel and has been creating and working on mobile apps since 2008.

1) How did you come up with the idea of the mobile app Yo?

It started when my business partner asked me to create an app for his personal use where he can summon his assistant in one tap, instead of texting her.
I dismissed him because I didn’t want to spend time on developing an app just for one person but after giving it some thought it came to me that everyone can use it.

My friend and I were already doing that by texting each other “Yo” and that’s how the name came about.

2) What makes Yo different to all the other social media sites and how does it work?

Yo is different because it’s an app that doesn’t try to pull you in and browse through your friends posts. It’s a context based messaging platform rather than a social network.

We focus on simplicity and we believe less is more. Yo is for moments when only you and your friends will understand what is being conveyed by the Yo, without the need to explicitly say it.

3) How did you manage to succeed in such an overpopulated market (mobile apps)?

Yo has a crazy story that everyone wanted to read about, talk about, and lough about with their friends.
As much as a product is good, as every sales man will tell you, a good story is the best way to sell.

4) What obstacles did you have to overcome to get to where you are today with Yo?

I had to work hard for 6 years developing mobile apps and working in a startups to have an “overnight success” with the Yo app…
Kidding aside, my co-founder and I are hard workers and we do a lot of things. Some work and some don’t, but we focus on doing and pushing forward.

5) What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs wanting to build a mobile app?

Get of the couch and do it.

Launch early, don’t add gazillion features which no one will use.

MVP all the way.

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