Our interview with Locomote Co-Founder Ross Fastuca

Ross is a technology expert and passionate problem solver. As CIO and Co-founder of Locomote, he is the architect of the company’s products, directing Locomote’s technical strategy to revolutionise business travel.
In 2014, Locomote developed a concept to transform the way organisations manage their travel. Ross’ keen eye for edgy innovations and his eagerness to constantly improve every aspect of Locomote has helped the tech travel company grow at a global level.

Ross leads the companies technology strategy and development, where his enthusiasm lies in creating technical solutions that make business travel easier and more efficient. With a focus on solving complex problems with simple solutions, Ross has lead Locomote’s technology, ensuring every goal is achieved and boundaries are pushed.

Ross has won and been short-listed to technology awards such as SmartCompany Awards 2014 and ACTE 3 Under 33 Nomination.

Ross Fatusca
Ross Fatusca


1) What is Locomote, what’s the purpose of it?

Locomote is a travel technology platform that gives businesses total ownership of their traveller profiles, providing them with total visibility over their employees’ travel, and making travel management easier and more efficient, while keeping employees safe.
Using the platform, companies can access to all the information they need — including bookings, duty of care, travel warnings, budget requests, expenses and more — on any device. It’s borderless and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Locomote enables companies to save significantly, making every business trip cost-effective.

2) Who do you plan to target as your audience?

Our technology is simplifying corporate travel for not only company travel managers, CFOs and Executive Assistants, but also for the travellers themselves and corporate agents. Locomote offers them an automated solution that takes the stress out of booking a trip as well as ensuring that the entire trip is managed with care and cost control.

3) There are so many travel sites. What makes yours unique?

Our point of difference is the fact that companies can use Locomote to manage every single aspect of their corporate travel. From start to finish, the whole process is managed on a single, personalised interface with an unmatched user experience.

4) How did you come up with the idea for Locomote?

It started when we recognised how complicated business travel management could be, and we found that it was a problem faced by many businesses.

We took a helicopter view of the conservative travel industry and set about finding a solution that addressed all aspects involved in managing any business trip, regardless of the destination. We kept adding more and more features to our solution, including duty of care, expense management providers, health and safety requirements, and so on, until we had built a complete platform that we could tailor to any business needs. Locomote allows companies to pick and choose which suppliers it wants to have in its workflow, while at the same time, holding these suppliers accountable for delivering on their promises.

5) What advice would you give to young aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start up a business?

Stay focused. Set your goal and work hard to achieve it. If you know what you want and keep it in mind throughout the whole process of starting your own business, then you’ll build your way to success.

We would like to thank Ross for speaking with us.

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