Our interview with Ry’s Ruffery founder Ryan Kelly

Ryan is a young man who started up his own dog treats business after adopting a dog. He is changing the industry into a nicer for the owner and his best friend the dog.


Ryan Kelly, Founder of Ry's Ruffery
Ryan Kelly, Founder of Ry’s Ruffery

1)What inspired you to start Ryan’s Bakery?

When we got our dog, Barkley, my brothers and I would argue over who would give him treats when he did something good because they smelled so bad when we opened the treat jar. I imagined they could not be fresh and good if the smell was so terrible. That’s when I decided that our new best friend deserved a better biscuit and started making my own.

2)At such a young age how have you coped with your business and school?

Juggling school and my business is really hard sometimes. I miss school more than most kids because sometimes I speak at other schools around the country about entrepreneurship. I have to make up the work but miss the in class instruction. My mom helps run the day to day operation of the business because I have to focus on school when I’m home.
3)Surely you are living the business dream? To start at such a young age?

I don’t really know what the business dream is! There’s always room for improvement and something new so I never feel like I’ve “arrived” and can sit back. We work really hard and are learning new things every day. People in the business world don’t treat me differently because I’m a kid.
4)How has Barbara Corcoran been an excellent Shark and mentor?

Barbara has been the perfect addition to our team! She wants to see our business succeed, of course, but she also wants to see us grow and learn from our experiences and mistakes. She is always encouraging and proud of us.

5)Where do you see the business going in the near future?

I see my business launching in more national stores in the near future. In the past year, we’ve changed our formula to grain free for dogs with allergies and sensitivities and we’ve had great success at Target, Pet Smart, and Wegman’s. We hope to introduce a new flavor soon, which is exciting, and to become a well known all natural treat brand nationwide.

6)What advice would you for young aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start up a business just like yourself?

I would tell young entrepreneurs that it doesn’t take a lot of money or experience to start a business. It takes determination, no fear failure, and focus. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you are not capable, don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can’t do!!
We would like to thanks Ryan for speaking with us.

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