Interview with ABS founder Ashley Drummonds


ABS founder Ashley Drummonds
ABS founder Ashley Drummonds

ABS was founded by Ashley Drummonds in 2014. She always wanted to stay healthy but also loved breakfast, especially Pancakes. She turned her dilemma into a business and ABS was formed. Ashely then went on Shark Tank to earn an investment from the Sharks. Her business has been booming since.

1) How did the idea for the company come about?

The idea came about in March of 2014, but I didn’t actually start turning that idea into a business until July 2014. The idea came out of my love of breakfast foods and pancakes, but also being a personal trainer and women’s fitness expert wanting a way that I could enjoy my favorite foods without having to “diet” while also helping my clients and others enjoy their favorite foods while losing weight and sticking to a healthy nutrition program. Please see below for the longer version of this story and feel free to use any of that story that you would like.
2)What ingredients are the ingredients which make it stand out and what is the best product?

I have a trademark blend of casein and whey proteins, coconut flour, natural flavors, guar gum, stevia leaf extract, salt. All of the ingredients are gluten free and non gmos. Currently, our 3 pack is the best selling option so customers are able to try all 3 flavors. It really depends on your preference but if I had to choose I would say probably the Vanilla Cake Batter and Chocolate Chip are tied for the best seller spot.

3)How did your appearance on Shark Tank come about?

At the start of creating ABS Pancakes, I always watched Shark Tank every week and was inspired by the hundreds of entrepreneurs that appear on the show and always had the aspirations to create a brand that would impact millions of people in a positive way like so many of the Shark entrepreneurs do. After having my first sale in August of 2014, I really wanted a way to launch the brand because I knew how much it would help people and the amount of impact it would make. During this time, I had 3 or 4 people in one day tell me “You should go on Shark Tank” and I have just a general rule of life that if you are told something more than once maybe you should listen so that day I went home and applied for the show around September and just let it go. Around March (6 months or so later), I got a call back from one of the crew of Shark Tank saying they received my application and really liked my business and wanted to take me to the next step of the process of submitting a youtube video of my audition. Long story short, I got another call back and after a lot of “next steps of the process” I got the final call back that they wanted my business to film for Season 7 and I was beyond ecstatic! The entire process is the biggest lesson of patience I have ever had, but one of the most amazing experiences as well.

4) What are your business future plans?

My future plans with ABS is to create more flavors (especially holiday flavors) and possibly some vegan friendly options since this is a request I get a lot. I also would love to start focusing more on the mission of the brand and eventually speak on the topic of women in business and empowering women that they can create a life and body of their dreams since I think body image issues is huge with women in America. Other products specifically that I would like to come out with will still fall in line with the healthy foods/meal replacement options, but probably in the dessert and baking space. I would love to start a whole revolution of showing people how to enjoy all of their favorite foods and get their life and confidence back as part of a healthy nutrition program.
We would like to thank Ashley for speaking with us.

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