Interview with Ordable founder and CEO Tom Dewhurst


Dewhurst Founder and CEO Tom Dewhurst on the left
Dewhurst Founder and CEO Tom Dewhurst on the left


Tom received a first-class degree in Business Administration from the University of Bath, graduating in 2015. He has previously held strategy consulting and technology roles at Accenture and Vodafone. However, he founded his first business at 17 and has also been passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.  

1) What is Ordable? Ordable saves you valuable time everyday. We’ve built a digital gateway for you to order and pay in advance at local cafes and coffee shops – beating your daily queue and earning loyalty rewards.

You can browse the menu of your favourite outlets when at your desk, on the move or in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve made up your mind, place your order, complete payment and swing past and pick it up when you get the notification to say it’s ready (and then enjoy!). Ordable will also reward you regularly for your loyalty. What are you waiting for?


2) How did you come with the idea of Ordable?

I was stuck at the back of this 10 minute queue in a cafe on campus, reading on my phone to kill the time. This particular article was on digital payments for my dissertation. It got me thinking about the future of digital payments and it was clear to me that the future of digital payments would be mobile ordering and payment. It was at this point where I pictured a situation where I could send a prepaid order from my smartphone to the vendor and pick it up from a collection point. It just seems like a much more efficient process!


3) What makes Ordable different to its competitors?

There are a number of businesses searching to innovate in the mobile payment and mobile ordering space but there aren’t any dominating players yet. We are continually trying to add value to the payment process, an inherently boring activity. We focus on saving customers time, using their preferences to quickly reorder items and be as efficient as possible. We also offer rewards that customers actually want as we get to know our customers and allow them to personally connect with their favourite venues. We feel like we are unique in the cafe & coffee shop space.


4) Are we beginning to see all shopping done online?

It is undeniable that there are many more benefits to shopping in a digital manor. Having retailers know what we’re looking for does make life easier. Technology is saving everyone time across all aspects of daily life, shopping in a hospitality setting should be no different. It’s already moving away from online and onto mobile. Over 50% of millennials would use an app to order or pay if it were available! It’s only a matter of time when we automatically revert to our smartphone to place an order at cafes, coffee shops, lunch venues, bars and theatres.


5) What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who want to start a business?

You can make anything look good on paper and I think too many young entrepreneurs think the idea is the be all and end all. Ultimately it’s about getting out into the market and talking to customers and clients. Stop making amazing PowerPoints with endless ‘features’ and start building a product (MVP) that people can use and you can learn from. It is only until you’ve spent months in a market and researching it thoroughly that the real idea will emerge.

But most importantly, give it a go! There is nothing stopping you and nothing to lose. If you want to start a business one day, the only way to learn is to give it a go. You won’t learn how to be an entrepreneur at a big corporate company (no matter what they say). It’s a fantastic feeling to see random people use your product.


We would like to thank Tom for speaking with us.

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