Our interview with Sworkit CEO and Founder Benjamin Young


Benjamin Young is the co-founder and CEO of Sworkit
Benjamin Young is the co-founder and CEO of Sworkit


Ben is passionate about changing peoples’ behavior toward fitness, because it’s something he has struggled with. He formerly led product strategy for a Voice over IP app that had 60% year-over-year revenue growth before being spun off and sold. MBA, Wharton (Top 5%); BS computer Science, University of Virginia

1) How did you come up with the idea for Sworkit?The idea came up from Sworkit came from us just being busy and wanting to mix things up. It was really hard to fit a workout in often, because that required going to the gym, or dedicating a large chunk of time.

2) What makes it different to all the other fitness apps?

Sworkit is the only fitness app on the market built like a music player that allows you to completely customize your workout experience, but instead of creating music playlists, Sworkit creates exercise playlists or sworkouts that function in the same, familiar manner. If you can listen to a music playlist, you can get a great workout, anywhere and anytime… It’s like the Spotify of Workout Apps- Spotify has something for everyone no matter what you are looking for. If you come to a workout move you don’t like, you can skip that move as easy as skipping a song, and still get a full workout. Our goal is to use our platform to continually publish both new exercise moves, and new playlists using those moves. Video workouts used to be static classes, now it’s time for them to be adaptive, based on your individual goals, location, injuries, and even available equipment. Not only to we plan to be the Spotify for Workouts, we plan to be the Pandora too!

3) How did your experience on Shark Tank help your business?

It really helped build our brand and make it become more recognizable. Since the airing we now sit regularly in the Top 5 free health & fitness apps in the AppStore.

4) Sworkit is already a successful mobile app, it has appeared in the top charts, so what decided that you needed to go and get an investment?

We want to grow the business bigger with more content, more personalization, and reach more screens. That requires capital. Being at the top of the free charts doesn’t mean much unless you’re converting people into paying customers!

5) What inspired you to go into business?

I like to build things, and I like to solve problems. My business combined both my technical background and put my MBA to real use.

6) What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Start now. It’s never been cheaper to start something.

We would like to thank Benjamin for speaking with us.

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