Interview with Lifesum CEO and co-founder Henrik Torstensson

Henrik Torstensson - CEO of Lifesum (Profile)
Henrik Torstensson, CEO and co-founder of Lifesum

Lifesum ( is a digital health company whose app now has over 13 million users worldwide. It was one of only 40 apps that were selected for the Apple Watch launch. CEO Henrik Torstensson worked at Spotify for three years, holding major roles such as Head of Premium Sales.


1) What is Lifesum?

Lifesum is a digital health company. We use tech and psychology to create a tailored plan for our users, to help them live happier, more balanced lives. Whether the user’s goal is to get fitter, lose weight or just lead a healthier lifestyle, Lifesum will show them how changing small habits and implementing them in everyday life can change your life. The Lifesum app allows users to improve the way they eat, drink and exercise, every single day.


 2) How did you come up with the idea for Lifesum?

Lifesum was co-founded by Tove Westlund, Martin Wählby, Marcus Gners and myself. We wanted to create something to support and encourage people to improve every aspect of their wellbeing, and we wanted to be so much more than just a weight-loss app. We announced Lifesum in December 2013, immediately prior to the New Year period when people’s thoughts turn towards health. 


3) What makes it different to all the other eating mobile applications?

We don’t want to guilt our users into strict calorie counting, but rather place the focus on overall health benefits and the nutritional value of the foods they choose. By focusing on design we create a delightful user experience that makes the complicated simple. Features such as Life Rating helps to guide our users on the journey to improving their overall wellbeing, through personal and tailored health plans.


4) Where will the business go in the future?

Our main goal is to be the number one holistic health app in the world, and we have several initiatives underway to help us get there. There is a massive shift going on within healthcare, moving from reactive to proactive care. We are seeing consumer health technologies empowering people to take control over their lives, Lifesum being one of them. 


5) What inspired you to go into business?

There’s a series of fortunate circumstances that got me into business. I had an interest in writing, which got me into online media. It was something I enjoyed; I worked hard and got exposure to different ideas and people. It just so happened that the more I learned, the more I liked the business of what I was doing, and so I continued doing it.


6) What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you dream of starting your own company and wake up one morning with that ‘Eureka’ idea, it’s well worth remembering the precautionary words of Thomas Edison – “Vision without execution is hallucination.” What I’m saying is, your idea might be great, but you need to take the time to really figure out what you’re going to do to get things moving. 

 Remember – it is about a journey that will likely take at least five years and possibly a lot longer. You should always try to do something that you like, together with people you respect. It’s not about trying to get rich quick.


We would like to thank Henrik for speaking with us.

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