Interview with The Drip Drop founders Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif

SHARK TANK – “Episode 723” – Two high school freshmen from Denver, Colorado, pitch a tasty way to improve the ice cream cone; an entrepreneur from Bend, Oregon, presents a reinvented kid stroller with an athletic twist; a woman from Austin, Texas, hopes to make the lives of parents easier with her line of child products; and a magician duo from Las Vegas, Nevada, performs a music-magic entertainment spectacle, but will the Sharks see through the illusion? Also, an update on Kurt and Shawnna Feddersen from Sapulpa, Oklahoma and Gameday Couture, their fashionable women’s gameday apparel, which Mark Cuban invested in during season six, on “Shark Tank,” FRIDAY, APRIL 22 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Desmond) BARBARA CORCORAN, OLIVER GREENWALD, SAM NASSIF (THE DRIP DROP)

Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif are the dynamic 15-year old founders and CEO’s of The Drip Drop, LLC, a patented ice cream cone accessory company. They appeared on Shark Tank on 4/22/16 and landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran. They are accomplished tennis players, as well as motivational speakers for young entrepreneur and STEM education groups. They live in Denver, CO.

1) What is DripDrop?

The Drip Drop is an edible ice cream cone attachment that protects hands and clothes from dripping ice cream. It is an edible ring made mostly of the same ingredients as an ice cream cone but tastier with vanilla and cinnamon. It slides up the body of the cone and wedges on tight to prevent drips. The Drip Drop is circular and has a small ridge around the edge that contains the drips. It can be made in many different flavours and decorated with a variety of toppings including chocolate, sprinkles, gummy worms, chocolate chips, etc.

2) How did you come up with the idea for DripDrop?

At the age of 10, we entered a contest called The Gates Invention Competition at our school, Graland Country Day School. The competition challenged us to come up with a solution to a problem. We happened to be eating ice cream after school one day and noticed that a little girl sitting next to us was covered in dripping ice cream. Her hands and clothes were sticky and her mom was desperately trying to clean her up using a lot of napkins. We both turned to each other and knew there had to be a better solution for dripping ice cream. That is how the idea for The Drip Drop was born.

3) By being a teenagers was it a difficulty for growing the business?

It is very hard to balance our homework, athletics, and social activities when running a business. We’ve had to make many sacrifices to work on the Drip Drop, but in the end, it’s really worth it and our hard work continues to pay off!

4) How did your experience on Shark Tank and the investment from Barbara Corcoran help your business?

Working with Barbara and her team has immensely helped our business as we are just starting out and mentorship is exactly what we needed. She will help our business jump up a level of intensity and make it really successful. Barbara’s expertise, connections and investment is really a dream come true!

5) What inspired you to go into business?

Entrepreneurship has always been in our blood as both sets of our parents are entrepreneurs. And we’ve always just loved to invent and create new things. When I (Oliver) was younger, I used to sell mud balls on the beach and when I (Sam) was younger I used to sell bracelets I made in a New York store. We’ve been hustling and selling things since we were five years old!

6) What advice would you give to aspiring teenage entrepreneurs?

The next big thing doesn’t have to be tech-oriented, like an app or a robot, it can be something really as simple as the Drip Drop. Did you know that the ice cream cone hasn’t been improved upon since it was invented in 1904? The next big thing doesn’t have to be new — it can be something that hasn’t been changed in a while. Also, another piece of advice is when you wake up in the morning every weekend make sure you REALLY want to work on whatever you’re inventing in your free time, because if you wake up without feeling a passion for your project, like it’s an obligation instead of fun, it may be time to find something else to create or invent.

We would like to thank Oliver and Sam for speaking with us.

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