Interview with The Electric Skateboard Company (TESC) Founder Enrico Varano


TESC, short for The Electric Skateboard Company, is an ambitious project aiming to leverage the portability of their electric skateboards to revolutionise commuting in London and other major cities in Europe. Enrico Varano, 23 years old, is a Neurotechnology PhD student at Imperial College London and the COO/CTO of TESC, which he founded with his brother Claudio. Both brothers live, study and run their business in London and enjoy skiing and kitesurfing when the holiday season pries them away from their skateboards.

Enrico Varano (Right) and his co-founder Claudio
Enrico Varano (Right) and his co-founder Claudio

1) What is TESC?

The Electric Skateboard Company is our vision to revolutionise commuting in cities. We’re overturning the connotation of the word commuting by providing a fun, sustainable and active solution to the last mile problem and big city transport!

2) How did you come up with the idea for TESC?

My brother Claudio has been dreaming of buying an electric skateboard for years – he just couldn’t find a product worth the retail price! He went on to buy parts to make his own and found out he could exceed the quality of the market leaders for a fraction of the price: it looked like an industry in need of disruption. We then joined forces to incorporate TESC with the goal of filling the gap between low-quality products from bulk producers and the premium-priced options available in the US, offering a fair price for top quality, personalised electric skateboards.

3) How can you compete with other electrical mobility products such as E-Bikes and E-Scooters?

This information is top secret, but not for long – have a look at our website ( and sign up to our newsletter (no spam, ever, we promise!) so we can ping you when we pick the ace out of our sleeve!

In general, though, we ergonomically designed out first e-board model, the Waverider to be lightweight and portable, fast and eye-catching. It is also far more fun to ride, making you feel like the king of the streets. Hit us up to try one out!

4) How did you overcome the hurdles you faced in getting to the production for your product today?

Hurdles… mountains you mean? We’ve faced every issue we could imagine: prototypes coming apart before the last screw was in; personal injuries; parts lost in shipping; language barriers with suppliers costing us months, to name a few. It might sound funny but I’d say we were lucky – because now we know. I’m not saying we can predict every hurdle; I’m saying that now we know that our team can come together and skate up a mountain (literally).

5) What do you think the future of transport in major cities will look like in the coming years?

In the coming years, city transport is set to drastically change thanks to autonomous cars, shared services, and micro-mobility options such as e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-boards. These will bring modifications to roads and city centres, allowing for new modes of transport to function in a safe and shared space. Basically, it will change for the better in terms of traffic and fun!

6) What advice would you give to young aspiring entrepreneurs?

Now is the best time to start a business: it’s cheaper and easier than ever and offers the most opportunity thanks to the internet and crowdfunding. Is fear the only thing stopping you? In my case, it was a fear of failing in front of my peers and family, and it was them that got me out of it because they became our team. At the cost of sounding cliché: the team is the hard bit, get that right and the rest will flow.


We would like to thank Enrico for speaking with us.

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