Interview with Enerjoy Co-Founder and CEO Dror Cohen

Dror Cohen, Enerjoy’s CEO & Co-Founder is a veteran organisational consultant, an expert in enhancing business performance and developing innovative research-based concepts for leadership,
management, sales & customer service.

1. What is Enerjoy?

Enerjoy is a smart AI sales incentives platform, (SAAS)  that can help raise the performance of sales or customer service teams by impressive percentages (13-32%), improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. We work for remote and in-office teams.

Based on our advanced Machine Learning engine and gamification approach, we deliver a unique way to challenge and personally motivate the reps’, to meet companies’ sales targets and goals. By doing so, our solution helps create an engaged, high performance sales culture.

Understanding the motivational styles and preferences that drive each one of your team members, is vital to achieving consistently strong sales performance.
Unlike other companies in the field, we offer a personalized motivational approach. Our powerful machine learning engine generates tasks, challenges and assignments that fit each rep’s cognitive profile automatically, composed per employee by various variables.

Enerjoy is designed for Sales Teams, Contact Centers, Customer Service, Debt collections and Lead Generation teams.

The Company is headquartered in Israel and growing into Europe, South America, and the USA. Funded by Nielsen Innovate, Samurai Ventures and Bseed.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Enerjoy?

As part of my previous work as an organizational consultant and HR expert, I was asked by my current partner Viki Glam to help improve sales performance and reduce employee turnover in his previous startup.

His inside sales team of about 30 agents was critical to the company’s growth to implement the exit strategy.

Because the agents’ level of knowledge and skills was high and sufficient, the key was to address the incentive methods.

Together with the managers, we implemented an incentive method based on high frequency of interactions of various kinds, real-time transparency of goals, performance and pace of progress, challenges and short competitions, feedback, public recognition and reward for small steps, we wrapped this method in positive communication and especially in trying to understand what works  better for each of the agents

The results were not long in coming and the company was successfully sold, Viki and I identified the potential and began to develop a platform that would do all of the above in an efficient, immediate, accurate and long lasting manner.

3. What is the startup scene in Israel and how has that helped your company?

The startup scene in Israel is extremely active and innovative. It is considered as the top 5 most attractive and successful ecosystems for startups and innovation in the world.

The interesting part is that the ecosystem culture is based much on supporting one another. Stakeholders from VC’s, service providers to successful startups CEO’s will most likely be happy to meet and help one succeed.

4. How did coronavirus impact your company and what lessons would you take from it?
Unfortunately coronavirus had some impact on us, and a few leading clients from the tourism industry had to terminate our agreement. We were dedicated to give much emphasis to our clients and kept in close touch with them, attentive to their needs for most of the first few months, and still of course.

Luckily, we had a remote work version available which we have improved and offered to our clients working from home.

Lessons learned is to keep close to your clients, understand their struggles and challenges and see how you can address that in the best way.

Another lesson is being able to adapt quickly to new situations.

Dror Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of Enerjoy

5. What is the future of Enerjoy?

Technology wise we are improving our existing remote-work features, to further adjust it to the growing work-from-home need.
Market wise, after Eastern Europe, South America, and the Israeli market, Enerjoy is currently looking at the USA as its next market to enter. We see Enerjoy’s future as a global company with a significant presence in the USA. We would like to be known as a company that puts the employee in the center and as a supporter for their well-being which is being translated into better results for the organization.

6. What advice would you give to young budding entrepreneurs?

Our advice would be to keep believing, keep pushing, surround yourself with supporting people. Be flexible and creative. And of course- don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

We would like to thank Dror for speaking with us.

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