Interview with Gaviti Co-Founder and CTO Alex Komarovsky

Alex Komarovsky is an experienced software engineer and manager. He is passionate about software development from the age of 13. Prior to founding Gaviti, Alex spent over a decade as a software engineer and manager in tech companies from small startups to corporates. He has vast experience in building software products from scratch as well as working on products with high-scale usage.

Alex Komarovsky

1. What is Gaviti?

Gaviti is a receivable collection management solution helping businesses to get more of their invoices paid, faster.

In fact, it revolutionized the way the collection task is performed.

Our SaaS solution maps out the collections situation of the businesses automatically engage their debtor clients, creates a collections log that is analyzed for collection policy performance optimization – all to increase business revenue and cashflow.

The ability to deliver the right message to the right client at the right time not only improves DSO and collections specialist productivity collections but also all collections related metrics and improves the client experience, too. 

2. How did you come up with the idea for Gaviti?

My fearless co-founder, Yan Lazarev, managed for years billings & collections teams in multiple companies. After a lot of coffee and brainstorming sessions, we came up with a plan of how to help collections teams to be more efficient, productive and happy.

Per Yan’s experience, there were no adequate tools available for purchase and quick integration to address the receivable collection challenges at medium-sized enterprises.
We have figured early on that we are looking at a huge, untapped market and have the combination of domain expertise and skillsets to become dominant in this space.  

3. What is the startup scene in Israel and how has that helped your company?

The startup scene in Israel is very developed with many multinational tech companies, VCs and accelerators. In our journey, we have participated in the SigmaLabs Accelerator and Google for Startups Residency programs. Both programs helped us to set on the right course in terms of go-to-market strategy and investments in our company.

4. How did coronavirus impact your company and what lessons would you take from it?

The Covid-19 was our watershed moment. If before the outbreak and the financial crisis the cashflow was only CFO area of concern, now all stakeholders are obsessed with working capital – it created a sense of urgency and stressed the need to improve collections performance. We have signed and onboarded many North American clients during the lockdown.

One of our clients said it best: “Gaviti has reduced our workload. We’ve received payments for invoices that I had expected to write off and found gaps where customers never received invoices. Even in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, our collections and our aging have improved.”

5. What is the future of Gaviti?

We see the future in accelerating the growth of Gaviti in terms of customer acquisition, product development and providing value to the entire accounts receivables ecosystem.

6. What advice would you give to young budding entrepreneurs?

Focus, that’s the number one advice. It is easy to get lost in all the possibilities, ideas, and verticals.

Iterate your product features all the time.

Don’t get tempted to change everything that got you so far, just because someone accomplished suggesting you should after 5 mins conversation about your company. Most of the time you will know your business better than other (even accomplished) people.

We would like to thank Alex for speaking with us.

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