Interview with BizAway CEO Luca Carlucci

Luca Carlucci, born in 1985, graduated in Economics of International Trade and Currency Markets at the University of Trieste and in 2012 he obtained an MBA (Master in Business Administration) at the IESE Business School, University of Navarra. During his working career he collected many important experiences abroad both in international organisations and in the manufacturing and construction industries. Then moved to Barcelona, the base from where he launched 3 businesses, last of which being BizAway.

1. What is BizAway?
BizAway is a corporate travel agency and a technology company founded in 2015 – based in Italy and Spain. The idea is to simplify business travel, so we recruited and formed a team of experienced IT developers, business travel specialists and enterprising salespeople.
BizAway combines technology with experience in business travel management by offering an all-in-one platform developed to simplify every aspect of business travel, from the first steps of finding the ideal hotel or flight option, to the invoicing and reporting of the purchased services. Also, we have a special eye for sustainability

2. How did you come up with the idea for BizAway?

The idea arose together with Flavio del Bianco, CTO of BizAway, with the aim of making it easier for companies to manage their business trips in an integrated manner. In this way, we offer the four verticals related to business travel: hotels, airplanes, trains, car rental and recently we also offer the possibility of booking parking thanks to a partnership with Parclick (we’re the absolute firsts in doing so).

3. How did you get to where you are today with your company?

Believe in the project, listen to the customers’ needs, work hard every day and surround myself with a good team, both professionally and personally.

Luca Carlucci, BizAway CEO

4. How did coronavirus impact your company and what lessons would you take from it?
Until the arrival of the Covid-19, our sector was functioning normally; in our case, since our birth in 2015, we have systematically multiplied 3x our turnover and obtained two financing rounds, investing in growth and expansion at a good pace. Without any doubt, the crisis caused by the pandemic and the resulting mobility consequences have considerably affected the whole sector: there has been a stand-by of corporate travel policies of companies, which will generate an economic impact on business results in the sector. However, we are optimistic. It’s more than a month now that travels have picked up. Also, business travel has always been on the rise, and we are convinced that we can reinvent ourselves and adapt to the new situation. 

5. What is the future of BizAway and travel?
As a platform specialized in facilitating and automating business travel, we have been impacted, but we predict an upward recovery of the business travel industry as soon as this crisis ends. 
We firmly believe that this will be the case because historically it has been. The sector has not only recovered from the various crises that have hit the world economy (health, financial, even after the attacks of 9/11), but it has always rebounded upwards and has maintained a positive trend over the years, despite the great challenges. 

6. What advice would you give to young budding entrepreneurs?

Don’t get discouraged if your first adventure is a failure. Listen to the clients (or to the desired ones) and understand what you need to build in a sustainable (and also scalable) manner. Be patient, work hard and surround yourself with good people. 

We would like to thank Luca for speaking with us.

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