Interview with Adapt Ventures Co-Founders and Partners Mo and Ammar Amdani

Mo & Ammar Amdani are the Co-Founders & Partners at Adapt Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with a global mandate. Adapt partners with founders who have an uncontrollable passion for building the future. To date, they have portfolio companies in the US, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Their passion for venture capital emerged after exiting direct-to-consumer brand Sugar while in university, after which, the brothers spent time in Silicon Valley, London, and Abu Dhabi, investing at various venture funds focusing on investing from Pre-seed to Series A. Mo holds a BSc in Finance and Economics from New York University and a MSc in Finance & Accounting from Imperial College London. Ammar holds a BSc in Finance and Economics from New York University

1. What is Adapt Ventures and what makes it different to other firms?

Adapt Ventures is an industry agnostic, early-stage venture firm with a global mandate. To stay true to our values, we typically back companies at the pre-seed and seed stages. Our secret sauce is always our speed in decision making. We’re aware that time is a commodity for every entrepreneur. In light of that, we’re able to make investment decisions within the same week of the first meeting.

2. What made you decide to start your own VC firm?

We had a vision of building a new type of venture firm that embraces globalization. Our belief is that great founders come in all shapes & sizes and exist everywhere. Our global network allows us to support founders in a variety of ways from business development, marketing, and recruiting talent to finance, strategy, operations anywhere in the world. Although all businesses face different challenges, many share common hurdles including hiring a great team in a short amount of time, creating a viable and ambitious roadmap, and preparing for future financing rounds. We believe our learnings from exiting a direct-to-consumer company can help founders grow and scale their businesses.

Mo and Ammar Amdani

3. How did your prior experiences help you with Adapt Ventures?

Having been on both sides of the table, as entrepreneurs and investors, across numerous geographies including North America, Europe, and MENA, we spent a lot of time on the ground understanding how consumer behaviour, cultural norms, and trends differed comparatively. We also took note of the complexity and challenges entrepreneurs face in each geography and it was evident that no two markets are the same. Having a better scope of that definitely tailored our investing style.

4. What is the key aspect you look for when presented with potential portfolio companies?

We look for three core areas when partnering with founders; superstar teams, big markets, and passion.

Superstar teams; our philosophy has always been that all great companies at the root are built by exceptional people. It’s the foundational component for any business. Big Markets; Building great products are pivotal for success, but understanding how large it can scale is a key component in our criteria. Passion; entrepreneurship is hard and it’s certainly not for everyone. Some days you can feel invincible and other days can be rock bottom. Founders who possess innate passion are able prevail through challenges.

5. What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Work on something you’re passionate about and invest in human capital as early as possible.  if you’re not passionate about what you’re working on, more often than not, you won’t be successful at it. Stick to working on what you enjoy. Additionally, as founders of a company, your primary objective should be surrounding yourself with talent that have complementary skillsets and believe in your vision, which will enable you to achieve your goal.

We would like to thank Mo and Ammar for speaking with us.

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